Online Visa Application System As Of 5 January 2016

Tunus Büyükelçiliği 06.01.2016

The Republic of Turkey has set up an online visa application system for all countries and all types of visa. This system allows to submit online visa application to Turkish consular offices.

The Embassy of the Republic of Turkey will accept visa applications only online as of 5 January 2016. The "online visa application system" will be available on the website

Visa applicants are kindly invited to

- submit an online visa pre-application by filling the pages and uploading the required documents,

-make an appointment online for the consular service to complete the request,

-submit to the Embassy’s Consular Section at the date and time of their appointment the original documents previously uploaded online and the visa application form signed and duly completed.

It is also required to submit a health insurance covering the period of stay in Turkey for all visa applicants.

The visa will not be issued by this web site. The required documents will be submitted to the Consular Office of the Embassy of Turkey for evaluation.

Moreover, the Tunisian citizens are still exempted from visa for touristic and business trips to or via Turkey up to 90 days stay. Therefore Tunisians will use the online application process only for long stay visas (visa for work, study, etc.).

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